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How to identify early signs of a dying battery

Slow Starts – One of the telltale signs of a dying battery is a slow engine start. you can disregard it initially for a few times as it might not require immediate attention. but, it definitely indicates the time for you to start searching for a replacement battery and buy one before it’s too late.

Dimmed headlights – This is another indicator for warning battery power. If the headlights on your vehicle seems dimmer than usual, it’s time you take your battery for a maintenance check. Weaker lights not only represent your battery health, but could also pose to be a safety issue. Similar erratic functioning of other electrical components in your car, like the radio, windshield wipers and Car power windows such, could also be considered with same effect.

Dashboard warnings – Most modern vehicles come with a dashboard indicator for battery strength. Keeping an eye out foar the low battery signal on you car dashboard is recommended. So you can secure a replacement car battery in time.

Periodical checks – Even if you are unable to keep of the run time for your car, you might be able to strain your memory to remember when the battery was last replaced if not, it’s advisable to get your battery performance checked at regular intervals to determine its health and find out when the next battery is to be purchased.

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